Streets of Brussels - Buildings - Photo by Jochen Schaft

Where to Stay in Brussels

A Local's Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Brussels Ah Brussels; a perfectly unique place awash with history, charm, beer and chocolate. The Belgian capital is truly enchanting....

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Streets of Istanbul - Rooftops - Photo by Anna

Where to Stay in Istanbul

A Local's Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Istanbul One word sums up Istanbul – unique. Founded as...
Where to Stay in Rome - Streets of Rome - Vatican City - Photo by Christopher Czermak

Where to stay in Rome

All roads lead to Rome; it’s a phrase that applies as much to tourists today as it did to the...
Streets of Amsterdam - Bushuis - Oost-Indisch Huis - Photo by Explorer Plan

Where to Stay in Amsterdam: The Best Spots for Visitors

A tourist mecca, Amsterdam has a reputation for a good time. This sees around 18 million visitors dropping in every...
Rijksmuseum - Exterior - Photo by John Lewis Marshall

10 Must-See Museums in Amsterdam

Art, history, architecture, science; visitors to Amsterdam are treated to a choice of museums that can compete with any city...
Streets of Amsterdam - Skinny Bridge - Photo by Explorer Plan

Best time to visit Amsterdam: What the city offers through the seasons

When is the best time to visit Amsterdam? When is the best season, the best weekend, or the best month...
Where to Stay in Prague - Streets of Prague - Rooftops aerial view 2 - Photo by JESHOOTS

Where to stay in Prague

A Visitor’s Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Prague An ancient city whose recent history is every bit...
Marché Mouffetard - Fountain - © Paris Tourist Office - Photographer Amélie Dupont

10 Must-See Street Markets in Paris

For many tourists, a trip to Paris means one thing: shopping. But browsing the stores of the Champs-Élysées can be...
Cake Hole Cafe - Tables - Photo by Cake Hole CafeThe best afternoon tea in London -

The 8 best Afternoon Teas in London

Late one afternoon in 1840, so the story goes, Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, was feeling a little...

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