Milan - Piazza Gae Aulenti - Photo by Erin Doering

Where to stay in Milan: A local’s guide to the best places to stay in Milan

It’s fair to say that the Italian city of Milan likes to be the center of attention. Once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, it’s now the world capital...

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Best Waffles & Chocolate in Bruges - Streets of Bruges - Rozenhoedkaai - Photo by Jan D'Hondt - VisitBruges

The Best Chocolate & Waffle Shops in Bruges

To say that chocolate is important to Belgians would be an understatement. You may ask yourself “Why is Belgian chocolate...
Best Patisseries in Paris - Ladurée Paris Royale - Exterior - Photo by Amélie Dupont | Paris Tourist Office

The 6 Best Bakeries and Patisseries in Paris

The home of the croissant, the macaron, the éclair and the towering croquembouche, France certainly has pedigree when it comes...
Streets of Amsterdam - Canal boats - Photo by Explorer Plan

What to Eat in Amsterdam (And Where to Eat It)

As a city of excess for tourists, food is sure to play a huge part in your Amsterdam visit. And...
CSM - Wall of games - Photo by Jörg Metzner ©Computerspielemuseum

8 Things to Do in Berlin for Geeks, Gamers and Tech Fans

Far from the movie trope of the man-child hiding in his parent’s basement, the modern day geek is often inquisitive,...
Duomo di Milano - Exterior sunny - Photo by Pixabay

The best time to visit Milan: What the city offers through the seasons

Maybe you’re visiting Milan for the first time. Maybe you’re looking to go back. No matter the case, you’re looking...
Streets of Milan - City Centre at night - Photo by Igor Saveliev

The 10 foods to eat in Milan (and where to find them)

Is there any cuisine so universally loved as Italian? But what many don’t realize is that ‘Italian’ cuisine is a...
Streets of London - Carnaby Street Bohemian Rapsody - Photo by Explorer Plan

The Best Local Shopping Streets in London

6 Amazing Shopping Areas in London Where Locals Shop Travelling is all about treating yourself, and shopping inevitably takes up...
Best cities to visit in Europe

20 best cities to visit in Europe

The perfect way to see Europe for the first time Every traveler who is about to embark on their first...