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What to Eat in Porto (And Where to Eat It)

What to eat and where to eat in Porto - Photo by Hector J Rivas on Unsplash

Portuguese cuisine isn’t short on influences. Its fortuitous position on the coast means that the country has always enjoyed easy access to seafood, and has also been one of the major trading hubs of Europe for centuries, meaning that exotic foods and spices have endlessly passed through its ports. Sweet, salty, fresh and rich, the…

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10 Must-See Museums in Brussels

Wiertz Museum - Interior 2 - Photo by Alfred de Ville de Goyet

As one of Europe’s cultural epicenters, the museums of Brussels are world famous. There seems to be a museum for everything in the Belgian capital, so whether you’re into art, history, science, innovation or pop culture, there’s sure to be an exhibition that’ll get you excited. But with almost 100 to choose from, which of…

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What to Eat in Rome (And Where to Eat It)

Colosseum aerial view - Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Is any cuisine so universally loved as Italian? But while it boasts a large fan base, many people don’t realize is ‘Italian’ cuisine is a very generic term – each region of Italy boasts a unique style of food, making a trip around the country a succession of stunning culinary experiences. As Italy’s largest and…

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What to Eat in Lisbon (and Where to Eat it)

Streets of Lisbon - Comercio Plaza - Photo by Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum

Seafood, sweets, and that world-renowned peri peri chicken. Portugal’s place at the very edge of the continent has made their cuisine one of the most unique and delicious in Europe. With each dish either heavy on spice, sauce and sugar (or a combination of the lot), visitors to Lisbon, the country’s capital, are in for…

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Viennese Café Culture: A Guide to the Best Cafés in Vienna

Streets of Vienna - Coffeehouse - Image by Jörg Peter from Pixabay

European café culture is a unique and wonderful thing. Each country has its own take – you’ll see the French sipping cafés un lait behind windows, the English nibbling on sandwiches during high tea, and Italians enjoying espressos on the cobblestones in front of the shop. Listed by UNESCO as ‘intangible cultural heritage’, Viennese coffee…

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Where to Stay in Vienna

Streets of Vienna - Street - Image by David Mark from Pixabay

A Local’s Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Vienna Vienna. Home of grand palaces, high art, and endless beer and schnitzels, the Austrian capital is an enchanting place. Long known as one of the centers of European culture, Vienna has been the playground of the rich and powerful for centuries. But in more…

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