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Our Mission

We created Explorer Plan to revolutionize how people plan their dream holidays.

The way the world works today, most people can book their own flights and hotels quite easily using online booking platforms like Airbnb or Booking.com. But when it comes to deciding "what to do" during their trip they spend hours researching attractions, best restaurants and bars and how to get from the airport to their accommodation. Then, they need to put in more hours filtering what's relevant for them from all that information to finally put together a travel plan for their holidays. All of this while trying to avoid tourist traps and not miss anything important.

At Explorer Plan, we take the hassle out of planning your travels. We remove the burden of researching your trip by doing the work for you, offering unbiased advice to create a personal travel plan designed specifically for you, based on your interests, budget and expectations of what a great vacation should be.

This way, you can stop worrying about your schedule and focus on what really matters: enjoying your trip.

  • Professional Travel Ambassadors

    We make sure you avoid tourist traps by recommending professionally curated places that we truly believe you will enjoy as well.

  • No Ads or Promotions

    We don't do ads or promotions on our site or app. Our goal is for you to have the best trip possible, and keep your best interests at heart.

Travel means something different for each one of us so why try to apply the same 'solution' to everyone and expect great results? When it comes to travel 'one-size-does-not-fit-all' and everyone can benefit from a personal travel plan to make the most of their vacation. 

At Explorer Plan, our goal is to help people have the trip of a lifetime, every time they travel.

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Make Every Trip The Trip Of A Lifetime